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Sainkura Village - Almora


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Throughout the year


Sainkura is the in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. Almora is famous for its alluring beauty and panoramic view of the Himalayas, rich cultural heritage, unique cuisine and a lot of greenery.

The homestay is covered by mountains all around it and gives the tourist a chance to experience local village cultural and farming activities.

The owner of the homestay is a hospitality Student and now works as Social Entrepreneur for Stoneage Hospitality which ensures the tourist will get the best hospitality service.

The homestay is a perfect display of the local community and there style of leaving which gives a unique experience on its own. The homestay has 4 rooms with attached washrooms and gives a beautiful view of the Sainkura village from the windows. The rooms gives a full vibes of the ancient style wooden rooms with a double bed, clean mattress, a window, and rack for keeping stuffs. This place is proper getaway for people wanting to have a unique and different experience from their regular lifestyle.

This homestay is in the heart of Sainkura village which gives a full vibe of rural lifestyle but with all the modern facilities like geyser kitchen, chairs, table, western washroom, bonfire, organic farming activities, Trekking to balancing stone, village tours and cultural band enjoyment presented by the local villagers etc.

Guests can also experience the hidden ancient balanced stone of Sainkura with live music and culture programs making them experience the Raw Kumaon and contribute to the village's development project.

You may contact for the reservation: 9810678303

Mentioned tariff valid till 31st March 2024